Housewife and Homemaker Compensation

For this assignment, you should write at least a 2 page paper addressing the issue of housewife and
homemaker compensation explored previously.

  1. You must use the following sources, but can use other sources as you see fit as long as they are
    academically credible (so, do not use Wikipedia):
    a. the O*Net (see Webliograpy: Category: Module 1 for link), and
    b. the article :The Economic Risks of Being a Housewife by Barbara R. Bergmann (AEA Papers and
    Proceedings, Volume 71, No. 2, May 1981). You can find the article easily through our library or using a Google
    Your paper should address issues of compensation, and should be well informed from the perspectives of job
    analysis, job evaluation, economic, labor force, and occupational profile.
    You may include personnel decision making if you see fit, but don’t go too far afield addressing how you would
    select and retain a housewife and homemaker.
    You have your own theories; keep them to yourself for now unless they are immediately material and relevant
    to the issue of compensation.

Sample Solution