How data analysis relate to sociological theories

Organize and analyze the data you collect and draw the conclusions.

  1. Start with the question or problem for your inquiry. This will be the topic that you will be investigating.
  2. Develop a hypothesis. This should be the expectation you have that you expect the data you gather will support
  3. Choose a method to collect data to investigate your hypothesis. This can be a survey, or by making observations of certain social groups and be sure to follow the ethnic guidelines when collecting the data.
  4. Analyse the data and determine how it fits with your hypothesis. Does it support or disprove your hypothesis.
  5. Draw conclusions from your data. How do they they relate to sociological theories and perspectives you’re using in your inquiry.Organize and formally write up your inquiry in a report. The format of the report should be as follows
  6. A description of the topic of your study, your certain question and your hypothesis
  7. A description of how you will be collecting data that you collected
  8. One or two paragraphs of analysis of the data- this should include description of how the data you collected relates to the hypothesis, how different sociological perspectives and theories connect both to both your data and hypothesis and any other pieces of information you feel are important in your inquiry.
  9. One paragraph of conclusions connecting your findings to sociological theories and any statement that you can make on your hypothesis
  10. A work cited page for any textbook, online resources or tools you used for your analysis and conclusion.

Sample Solution