How do you define leadership?

How do you define leadership? Consider all of the information from the lesson in developing your definition. Compare and contrast your definition with the concepts and definitions of leadership presented in the course (Hughes, et al., 2019). Indicate any assumptions that you have about leadership (or your own leadership). Analyze how your definition compares with the interactional framework for analyzing leadership and with each of the interactional components. Provide examples from your own leadership or the leadership of others that you have observed or read about to support your definition. What challenges arise regarding the study of leadership or the development of your leadership capacity as we start the course?

What are your plans for leader development? Draw upon the readings about leader development. As you consider how you plan to become a better leader, describe at least two skills that you would like to develop (such as improved interpersonal skills or strategic planning). What methods (formal training, action planning, coaching, etc.) will you use to develop your skills? Why do you believe these approaches will be effective? Be as specific as possible about the types of training you might take, the behavioral changes that you might like to make with your coach, and so forth. Take this assignment as the initial step in your leader development process.

Sample Solution