How do you find music?

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I normally search new music on YouTube Channels of some singers who I have already subscribed. I do think that Youtube use psychographics because when I open the Youtube it always recommends songs of same category . My favorite channel is Vienna Boys’ Choir, a choir from Vienna that founded in 1498, the choir of the court church of Vienna, Austria, is one of the oldest and best choirs in the world. The group’s boy soprano and boy alto sang hymns, waltzes, art songs, folk songs and masses in an elegant, airy boy’s high and boy’s alto.They have a song that makes my scalp tingle every time I listen to it. In particularly, the beginning of that song (I forget the name), it is sung in the form of cappella and harmony. When I am talking about music with others, I will talk about my experience when I was sining in my choir, and if they are interested in choir music, then I will recommend them to listen to that song. I am more likely to recommend music to my boyfriend because I like to share everything that I am interested in to him.

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