How Humor Effects Classroom Communication

• For most manuscripts, the primary goal will be to inform. Thus, avoid purpose statements that include words such as “prove” or “show” or “demonstrate.”
• Papers should be approximately 15-17 pages in length.
• Be cautious about making claims.
• Focus the manuscript on the purpose.
• Be cautious about stating anticipated results.
• Take an objective, balanced view of the topic.
• Do not recycle a paper from a previous class.

Content/Form – content cannot be separated from form.


• Title page (a single, separate page)
• Abstract (a single, separate page)
• Page numbering (top right or bottom centered)
• Running head
• Headings (must include the following headings: Literature Review, Methods, Discussion/Limitations)
• Margins (one inch margins top/bottom/sides)
• Reference page (heading for this page – References )


• Clear purpose statement
• A statement of organization
• Clearly identified main points
• Adequate information to support purpose/main points
• Introduction and conclusion
• Transitions
• Citations in the text

Sample Research Proposal Outline

I. Introduction

This section should introduce the problem, identify the purpose of the project, and provide a statement of organization.


II. Literature Review

Review the academic literature involving the variables examined in the study. Each variable involved in the study must be discussed in the literature review.

Rationale for additional research.

Research questions (RQ1, RQ2, etc.) or Hypotheses (H1, H2, etc.)

III. Methods

Review the research methods involved in the study – include participants, measures, procedures, and analysis

IV. Anticipated Results

Organize this section around the research questions and/or hypotheses
Review the results – not the meaning of the numbers/statistical tests

V. Discussion

Organize this section around the research questions and/or hypotheses
Explain what the possible results might mean
Discuss limitations
Discuss future directions for research

VI. References (use APA format)

VII. Appendices (measures used, large tables, figures, or illustrations)

Additional information about this assignment will be covered in class.






















































































Sample Solution