How Lion-fish, Green Iguanas, and Burmese pythons are hurting the South Florida ecosystem.

Invasive Disaster: The Rise of the Green Iguana, Burmese Python, and Lion-fish

Research Paper Guideline:
Select a South Florida ecosystem or physiographic region.
Provide an ecological description of the ecosystem or region. (20 points)
Indicate historical and current significance of ecosystem or region to humans. (20 points)
Describe the South Florida environmental history of the selected ecosystem or region. (20 points)
Describe the current ecological status of the ecosystem or region in South Florida. (20 points)
Predict prospects into the future under alternative scenarios (protected/neglected). (20 points)
Research Paper References:
Source information must be properly cited. Legitimate sources include published material and personal communication with experts. Material used from the Internet must come from well-established and referenced sources, preferably published articles. Turnitin will be used to test for plagiarism, and papers with content improperly copied from original sources will not be accepted for grading.

(A good source for references related to the history of human influences on the ecology of the South Florida Environment is the Everglades Information Network.)

Research paper format must follow APA 6th Edition style format. Please use the APA link above for more information, or go to the APA Citation page on the FIU Library website.

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