“How not to quit your job” summary

Watch the video and answer these three questions ( https://youtu.be/uOVS7544ial)
Ql: Several things happen twice in the movie — for example, Steve wakes up in the morning, shows apartments to prospective tenants, scrubs a shower, and fixes things that are broken. What is the difference in Steve’s attitude between how these things happen the first time and the second time, and why does it occur?
02: Why does Steve change tools when scrubbing the shower — from a toothbrush to a $20 high-tech whizzy scrubber (HTWS)? In particular, why does he use the toothbrush early and the HTWS later?
Q3: While quitting, Steve accuses Brandon (and Brandon’s dad) of being “too cheap” to hire a real repairman to fix things that are wrong with the apartments. Given how Steve approaches these problems in his own business. is this a fair criticism?

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