How to Create a Brochure

For this assignment, you are a teacher in an infant/toddler Head Start classroom. Several families in your classroom are linguistically and culturally diverse (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese) with limited English skills. Two families have children with special needs. You want all the families to know how important it is that they are engaged in their child’s learning experiences inside and outside the classroom because they are their children’s “first teacher.” To ensure you provide all families’ information about the importance of family engagement, you will design a brochure by using the following instructions:

Your brochure will explain the importance of family-teacher communication family engagement in the education of their child for the child’s total development (cognitive, social, emotional, language/literacy and physical).
Your brochure will suggest a variety of research-based engagement strategies that respect all families and take into consideration family limitations such as time, child care and transportation needs, and language differences.
Your brochure will demonstrate respect and affirmation for all families.
Your brochure will include non-stereotypical visual images and graphics.

Sample Solution