HR Policy Compliance

Use prompts as subheadings, every prompt needs its own reference. Please only use books as sources.

To what extent can a business restrict union solicitation on company property?

Can managers and professional employees be members of a union? Are there any restrictions on their membership in a union?

Define “employment at will” and explain an employee’s rights in an at-will employment relationship.

What is a “noncompete agreement” and are noncompete agreements limited in any way?

Explain the difference between race-based discrimination and national-origin discrimination.

When does the Fair Credit Reporting Act impose a legal obligation upon employers?

For what purpose was the National Labor Relations Board established? Include in your response the federal law that created the NLRB.

Explain what is meant by a “bona fide occupational qualification” in the context of federal employment discrimination law.

Why do some employers prefer hiring independent contractors rather than employees?

Define a “hostile work environment” in the context of sexual harassment. In your response, provide an example of a hostile work environment in this context.

What information does the FCRA permit credit reporting agencies to provide to employers regarding an applicant?

Even without a written employment contract, employees owe certain duties to their employer and employers owe certain duties to their employees. What are the duties of each?

Explain “illegal subjects” in the collective bargaining process

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