Assignment 2: Final Project
By the due date complete your Final Project. In this assignment, now that you have learned about some of the systems of the body, select one on which to complete a Final Project:
• The integumentary system
• The muscular system
• The skeletal system
• The nervous system
• The endocrine system
• The cardiovascular system
• The lymphatic system
• The respiratory system
• The digestive system
• The urinary system
Think about the way that this course changed your experiences and perspectives about human anatomy. Anatomy courses take you under the skin of the human body, which can be a complex, sometimes disturbing, sometimes inspiring experience. For your studies at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, this can be a unique learning experience that helps you with your future career. You gain more of an understanding about body movement and coordination, voluntary and involuntary physical needs, and physical responses to environmental change.

Your Final Project will be a unique and artistic visual rendering or interpretation of a system of the body. It should demonstrate an understanding of your chosen system of the body. However, this shouldn’t just be a reconstruction of the images you will see throughout this course. Think about how your knowledge of this body system can translate to the artistic field that you’re studying.

Here are some examples:
• A photo essay that examines aging and the skin or hair (integumentary system)
Be sure that your project is representational, not abstract, showing recognizable forms or objects. Use appropriate software to your program or appropriate image file formats.

You must also submit 2–3 paragraphs (825 words+ and 2 cited resources) in a Microsoft Word document to accompany your project, explaining why you chose that system, intepreting your visual project, and exploring what you have learned about that system from this course.

If you’re having difficulty thinking of an idea, use the Email button at the top of the page to email your instructor. Explain your program of study and the systems of the body that may be of interest of you.
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Presents a unique and artistic visual rendering related to a system of the body. 40
Presents two to three paragraphs that explain student’s choice of the particular body system, interprets the visual project for the viewer, and explores what the student has learned about that body system in this course. 20
Supports ideas and demonstrates understanding with textual, visual, and/or oral references and examples. Uses proper APA citation format and style. 10
Employs correct and standard college-level English grammar, mechanics, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, appropriate logic and voice, and APA manuscript formatting. 10
Total: 80


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