Human Nutrition

Read chapter 4 in the textbook Nutrition Science and Applications 4th Edition by Smolin and Grosvenor.

As you read the text, you are expected to think analytically about the reading and should place special emphasis on examining the figures and diagrams in the text. You are encouraged to keep a log of questions on the reading.
Questions that apply deductive reasoning to concepts, that make connections between concepts, or that are focused on figures and diagrams are particularly important. Submit your questions for the chapter.

Think about following an inquiry-based approach in your coursework. Try to develop questions about the content as you read the chapter. As you do this, you will discover that it improves comprehension and retention.

This assignment consists of just questions. Nothing more, no writing. Just questions that come to your mind as you read the chapter. You should develop as many questions that you can fit on one page. Just specific questions, based on your reading and understanding throughout the whole chapter.

Sample Solution