Human Resource Management (HRM)

1. What is the definition of “Human Resource Management (HRM)?”
2. What are the three (3) exams you can take to show your mastery of Human Resource Management (HRM) material? Please identify each type of exam (i.e., name of exam) in BOLD font.
3. What are the seven (7) roles that Human Resource Management (HRM) plays in an organization? What do you believe is the most important task an HRM professional should be able to complete? Please identify each role in BOLD font. 4. What is a code of ethics? Why is it important for an organization to have a code of ethics? 5. What are the four (4) main steps within the staffing function? Remember, “Staffing involves the entire hiring process from posting a job to negotiating a salary package.” Please identify each step in BOLD font.
6. What are three (3) strategies for announcing a job opening? Please identify each strategy in BOLD font.
7. What are the two (2) factors that usually weigh heavily in deciding which questions should and should not be asked during an applicant’s interview? Please identify each factor in BOLD font.
8. What are the three (3) considerations a Human Resource Management (HRM) professional should address during an employee’s review for promotion within an organization? Please identify each consideration in BOLD font. What do you believe is the most important consideration an HRM professional should contemplate during the employment promotion process?
9. What is the definition of “applicant screening (i.e., filtering)?”
10. What was the “key question” asked by former Indianapolis Colts’ (National Football League) head coach Jim Mora, when interviewing Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf prior to the 1998 NFL Draft?



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