1. Humans have used selective breeding in various animals: horses, dogs and cats for example. Pick a specific breed and describe what characteristics we have altered and why. If there are pictures please attach them as well.
2. Click the links below and read the articles. Then answer the following question: Is it ethical to selectively breed an animal but not humans? If so, are we all selectively breeding on a small scale by mating with someone we find physically appealing?

3. Research a Mendelian disease and describe what the disease is.
4. As technology has developed, we are able to conduct prenatal testing of a fetus for Mendelian diseases, like Tay-Sachs and Huntington disease. Parents can also be screened to determine the likelihood of having a child with a particular Mendelian disease. What are some ethical issues associated with this type of testing?
5. Sickle-cell anemia is often described as affecting only Africans or people of African descent; it’s considered a “racial” disease that doesn’t affect other populations. How would you explain to someone that this view is incorrect?
6. If two people with blood type A, both with AO genotype, have children, what proportion of their children would be expected to have blood type O?
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