Humans versus Artificial Intelligence

Can we differentiate between music composed by Humans versus Artificial Intelligence? (This is the title of the paper)

  1. Formulate a research question which is professionally or personally relevant, and design a project to answer this

Choose a topic related to the music industry and/or your personal development/professional practice
Plan a research project, taking into account ethical considerations

  1. Demonstrate that you have read about your topic, and can put your project in context through secondary research

Situate the project in relation to relevant academic research on the topic. Include examples of practical, editorial or biographical material where appropriate.
Explain why your project is relevant and worthy of inquiry.

  1. Plan and carry out relevant primary research, showing engagement with research theory
    Explain and justify the project methodology using credible academic textbooks on research methods.

Carry out appropriate primary research based on this.

  1. Critically reflect on the design, progress and outcomes of your research

Discuss your project findings, and justify the conclusions you draw from these.

Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

Sample Solution