Topic: Chronic Disease Health Promotion and Maintenance/for adults age 35–65

  1. Discuss the concepts of health promotion for Hypertension
  2. Discuss health maintenance
  3. Discuss health restoration and health teaching to an adult patient with this chronic disease.

Part 2: Chronic Disease and clinical practice (Write in the first person)


This week in my clinical practice, a 54-year-old Afro-American woman diagnosed with hypertension ten years ago attended a consultation—the patient presented with headache, high blood pressure, and physical exhaustion. The patient has not had access to adequate medication for one year due to financial difficulties.

  1. Discuss how you provided health promotion in the clinical setting this week.
  2. How did the patient’s social factors contribute to the patient outcomes?
  3. Reflect on how the patient’s economic status influences the provider’s plan of care.

4 Include medication regimen and diagnostic tests.

Sample Solution