” I am the resurrection and the life”

Write a full 5-page double-spaced paper about any one of the “I Am” statements made by Jesus. “I am the resurrection and the life” In addition to an introduction and a conclusion, the paper must describe four things: 1. The events that surround the statement. 2. How the statement relates to God as revealed in the Old Testament. 3. How the statement reveals the deity of Christ. 4. How this truth can practically apply to the student’s personal life. You must reference the Bible, the Morris and Kostenberger textbooks, and at least two outside sources. Proper reference and citation (2-3 per page) of the two textbooks, and at least two outside sources are required. Failure to cite quotations will result in a failing grade. Follow Turabian style and include a title page and bibliography (which do not count toward the 5-page requirement). Jesus is the Christ: Studies in the Theology of John by Leon Morris Encountering John: The Gospel in Historical, Literary and Theological Perspective by Andreas J. Kostenberger

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