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a & b) Using the 2nd link (the journal article), answer the following questions about the article. Then, using
those notes, integrate the answers into a summary paragraph/page describing the research. AND when you
have done this, add in the proper APA style in text citation and full APA style reference at the end (notes on
how to do this are after the 22 questions).
Reading a research paper: 22 questions
Who is/are the author(s) of this article?
What is the title of the article?
What year was this article published?
What are the two to three main things you learned from the introduction?
What is one of the articles cited in the introduction? (Refer to it by the authors and the year it was published.)
What is the hypothesis?
How many participants were in the study?
Who were the participants (e.g., college students, infants, etc.)?
What was/were the independent variable(s)?
What was/were the dependent variable(s) ?
What materials were used in the study? Did participants complete a survey, use a computer program, were
they interviewed, etc.?
Summarize what the participants did.
How were the data analyzed (i.e., what statistical analysis was used)? If provided, report the means and
standard deviations for each group.
Did the author(s) find a significant effect?
What did you learn from the figure(s) or(graph(s) in the results section?
Was/were the hypothesis(es) supported?
Were the results consistent with the previous literature discussed in the introduction?
What can you conclude from this study?
Did the author(s) make any suggestions for further investigation? If so, what suggestion(s) was/ were made?
How many references were cited in this article?
What did you think of the article?
Was it an effective study? Do you accept the results? Why or why not?
Construct the proper APA style reference for this article:
Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue
number), pages. https://doi.org/xx.xxx/yyyy

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