The purpose of this paper is to identify the ideas that shaped the Declaration of Independence. Specifically, you will research and describe the philosophy of government that shapes the Declaration of Independence. You will explore the influence of natural rights, contract theory, religious liberty, and limited government. At the end of this assignment, you should have a deeper understanding of the ideas that shaped the Declaration of Independence.
Your paper must address the following 3 questions:

1. What were the main ideas that shaped the Declaration of Independence?

2. Based on the Eidsmoe reading, how important were biblical principles?

3. Based on McClellan’s discussion of the Declaration of Independence, which political ideas are not found in the Declaration of Independence?

In your paper try to demonstrate the following:

1. Differentiate the main principles of the Declaration of Independence.

2. Analyze the influence of the contract theory of government on the Declaration of Independence.

3. Define and explain the influence of major thinkers on the Founding Fathers, including Montesquieu, Blackstone, and Locke.

4. Trace the influence of the natural law/natural rights tradition on the American Founding.

5. Explain the Founding Fathers’ central convictions regarding both law and government.

This paper must be in Turabian style.??This paper requires an introduction that provided excellent background on the topic and clearly previews major points. ??The paper includes title page and 3 full pages of content. The paper is laid out effectively and uses reader-friendly aides (e.g., section summaries, tables of contents, indices, appendices, etc.) when appropriate. ??The paper requires at least one scripture quite from the Bible. The instructor is looking for the paper to be written from a Christian perspective.??This paper requires at least 6 references, three of the low tier references need to be from the textbook readings below (see which chapter to pull from): ??James McClellan book Liberty, Order, and Justice (Chapter 2)??James Eidsmoe book Christianity and the Constitution (Chapter 4)??Donald S. Lutz book The Origins of American Constitution (Chapters 6-9)??Please choose three more references that you base the bulk of your paper.

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