Identifying a problem in an organization

Compose an essay, 3-5 pages in length, in which you bring together the work done in this module’s exercises: Identify a problem in an organization, analyze that problem from a variety of perspectives, provide a solution to that problem, and then explain w

Exercise 3.1
Identifying a problem.

For this exercise, find an organization that you would say has a problem, and name that problem.

Exercise 3.2
Analyzing a problem.

For this exercise, consider the problem that you identified in Exercise 3.1. Why is it occurring, and (perhaps more importantly), why is it a “problem?” Try to analyze the problem from more than one axiological framework.

Exercise 3.3
Solving a problem.

For this exercise, and based on your analysis of the problem in Exercise 3.2, provide a solution to the problem, drawing upon any of the axiological frameworks that we’ve discussed this session

Sample Solution