Identifying and locating customers

The case:
• Find the best routes for a number of tankers, operated by Certas UK to deliver fuel from a distribution center (Depot) to a set of customers.
• Each customer has a specific quantity of demand, and each tanker has a limited capacity for carrying the fuel.
• Each customer must be served by only one tanker.
• The objective is to minimize the number of tankers that are going out to make the deliveries in order to minimize the total distance travelled such as that all customers are served, and the total demand served by each tanker does not exceed its capacity.

Other important hypotheses to consider for this problem are:

• The number of available tankers is predetermined (2 tankers available to deliver for this area).
• The capacity of tankers is defined and fixed (10000 L).
• The number and location of depot is defined earlier.
• Each tanker starts from the depot and return to the same depot.
• The number and location of customers are predefined (there are 6 customers in 6 different locations).

• The demand for each customer is predefined.

• The transportation cost of each tanker depends on the travelled distance (1.35 £ per 1 Mile).
• The transportation network is considered Asymmetrical or symmetrical ?? discuss why??

What needed for this case is:

  • The mathematical structure of the problem(capacitated vehicle routing problem). Not just the general writing but also the specific for this case.
  • The constraints have to be clearly stated and explained at every step.
  • The excel document showing the solution with the solver

Sample Solution