Identifying heavy metal content in mangrove soils


  1. Isolation of nitrogen-fixing bacteria:
    • Please refer to the attached papers for the extraction process
    • Refer to this paper (The art of isolating nitrogen-fixing bacteria from non-leguminous plants using nitrogen-free semi-solid media: a practical guide for microbiologists), look into the mind map of isolating nitrifiers from the soil, and write in details the extraction process. Please be detailed when writing the steps.
    • Refer to this paper (Two new nitrogen-fixing bacteria from the rhizosphere of mangrove trees: their isolation, identification, and in vitro interaction with rhizosphere staphylococcus sp.) for the isolation of nitrifiers from root sediments
    • The attached tables and articles will help in developing the methodology
  2. Identifying heavy metal content in mangrove soils:
    • Mention that the samples will be taken from two different mangrove locations (Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary) and (mangrove hotel) in order to compare between heavy metal content in both mangrove locations.
    • Include extra sources that will help in the methodology process
  3. Physiochemical parameters: please include it in the methodology.

Sample Solution