Identifying Stakeholders for a New Community Initiative

This is narrative in which you are to identify stakeholders in the community social problem (stated below) with the community (identified below). As a human services leader, you are being asked to lead a new initiative. The new initiative will be an interagency collaboration of a task force to address a current community social problem. While individuals will be filling positions to serve on the task force, first you need to identify the stakeholders who have a personal or professional interest in the social problem and how to address it. Utilizing your knowledge of the community context of practice identify stakeholders and support your choices with literature and theory.

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption Centre, Dallas Texas(organization)– Foster care is a nursing home that its intentions are temporary arrangements until the child’s permanent solution is found. Children are provided with love and care and the sense of belonging. It provides the children with family and a shoulder to lean on. It is responsible for providing the children with no hope a future that they can rely on. The problem of orphans in Dallas aligns well with Buckner Foster Care and Adoption Centre’s mission and goals as they provide adoption services among other initiatives that seek to make the Dallas community a better place for everyone. The families that are related to Buckner Foster Care and Adoption Centre are all over the places including schools, sports leagues, and even churches. The teenagers and children in the nursing home are from the society and communities around Dallas city. Children never choose to be there or even removed from their families but instead, they need love and care from a family.




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