Identity politics: book review of “The Once and Future Liberal” by Mark Lilla + work report

Book review (3600-4400 words) + work report (1600-2000 words). Please read the instructions before writing the book review and follow the guidelines. The book review is intended for publication in “The New York Review of Books” which determines the style of the book review to be written (citations and references must follow the standard practice of the medium). The work report serves to reflect on the process of publication, methodologies, and target audience, bibliographical entries etc. But always pay attention to the instructions! I attach some secondary sources which may serve as inspiration or for structural purposes.

Having read the last version of the document, I noticed incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, content (in the work report) where the writer does little to clarify why he has chosen exactly this medium, i.e. ‘The New York Review of Books’, for publication . It involves finding out something about the medium and its target audience and arguing why this medium is an excellent choice. In other words, the revision must be extensive. Also, the book review should focus more on Lilla, not so much on other writers (though of course a few references are okay). Sometimes, the language does not make much sense and it appears that some sentences have only been slightly altered (in a way that does not make much sense either) compared to what has been written in other reviews of the book. I also think that the discussion of the work itself is unsatisfying and that the discussion initiated by other book reviewers takes up too much space. The work report still does not fulfill the requirements

Sample Solution