“Illegal Hiring.”

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the incident, “Illegal Hiring.” Include the following in preparing your response:

Start with a critical analysis of what took place in the scenario.
Identify what role HR should play as a strategic business partner in addressing this incident and explain the rationale. (Consider HR principles and

employment law points in your response).
Summarize a recommendation of what should have been done in response to learning about the facts in this incident. (avoid use of first person language in your

Discuss what factors in this incident might influence a company to make less-than-ethical decisions. (Consider factors that may be personal drivers of the

individual and operational/sales type factors)
Summarize and provide a brief policy that would help an organization like the one in “Illegal Hiring” make sound and legal hiring decisions within the

framework of the law and support a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Sample Solution