Images of the Male Body as portrayed by Women Artists

Bibliography Citations Instructions:

  1. Choose 4 Scholarly articles from JSTOR or book chapters on your pre-approved chosen topic.
  2. Each scholarly article or book must be no less than 1500 words (no reviews permitted).
  3. Use APA or MLA format styles to TYPE your TOPIC NAME & YOUR 4 CITATIONS ONLY.
    a. APA & MLA formats are accessible through Microsoft Word or the “View Citation” option in JSTOR.
  4. Your grade will be based on: How carefully you follow these instructions AND
    a. How specifically your articles relate to your topic
    b.whether or not your articles are scholarly (use JSTORE or an academic library)
    c. the length of your articles (no less than 1500 words each)
    d. correctness of your citation format (APA or MLA)
  5. Print out or copy each article & keep – you must be turn these in with your annotated Bibliography.

Sample Solution