As we continue to learn about infants through three-year-old children, it’s important to understand the roll
imitation plays in cognitive development in children. It is also critical to examine the relationship between
parents, children, imitation and screens. Exploring the correlations between how children learn through
imitation and the role of faith is important.
Review the article “Don’t try this at home”: Toddlers imitation of new skills from people in video” and the
sections in Chapter 6 on “Imitation” and “Symbolic development, Pictorial competence, and Understanding of
scale” (pgs. 126 – 128). Discuss the impact of imitation on cognitive development for toddlers. What stood out
to you in this study regarding imitation and video-based learning? How does this study impact your views on
children under 5 and screen time (phones, tablets, TV)? What is important for parents to keep in mind
regarding imitation and screen habits? How does faith speak to this issue?

Sample Solution