a. Background information on the topic.
b. Discussion on why the person or event selected as the topic was significant to our state’s history.
c. Discussion on the impact of the person or event chosen as the topic has had on our state’s history.

Students should review the information below regarding MLA formatting and Mechanical and Grammatical Soundness. Students are encouraged to use the tutorial services offered at the university when completing writing assignments.

This project will be worth 50 points toward your final grade.

MLA Formatting – Students are advised to ensure that you are following MLA formatting conventions for your work. There are several websites on the internet that can assist you with MLA formatting. Typing “mla format examples” into your browser will generate a variety of sites that will assist you with proper MLA formatting. The following website will also provide you with some guidance:

You should have already prepared an outline for Research Paper and you will need it as you write your paper.

Your outline was returned to you with commentary and suggestions that should assist you as you complete your paper. You should have also received commentary and suggestions on the rough draft that has been submitted.

Grammatical and Mechanical Soundness – Proper editing of written work is a growing concern. Students are encouraged to seek assistance with editing and polishing research projects before submitting. There are resources available to you on campus. You may inquire in the library.

  1. Your paper should begin with a brief introduction of the topic. The initial portion should be devoted to identifying the topic and providing context and background. The introduction should be brief and general.
    a. Who or what is your topic?
    b. Why is this topic relevant?
  2. Next, you should provide some general information on your topic. This section of your paper should cite both primary and secondary sources providing background and relevant information about the topic.
  3. Discussion on the historical significance of your topic. Why was that person or event important? This section of your paper should cite both primary and secondary sources that support your claims about the importance of your topic to our state’s history. For example, if you claim that Native Americans were mistreated during the Mission period, you must cite evidence from a primary or secondary source. Additional information on primary and secondary sources is provided below.
  4. Your paper will conclude with your conclusions on the impact that your topic had on our state, positive or negative. Why was this person or event important to our state’s history? Again, any claims you make in this section should be supported with citations of primary or secondary sources.

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