Immunisation for Health Practitioners

Locate the National Vaccine Storage Guideline and the best practice guidelines for vaccine storage and handling in the State/Territory that you practice in (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

  • Choose one of the scenarios below and identify issues related to the breach in the cold chain.
  • Identify any discrepancies between best practice and the case scenario.
  • Discuss your interventions to ensure compliance with the guidelines and best practice.

Scenario 1

In a large General Practice that operates from Monday to Friday, you arrive to work on a Monday morning to find the vaccine fridge alarming at a maximum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. You notify the practice manager to advise her of the situation. In the meantime, a general practitioner (GP) comes in and removes two flu vaccines and two MMR vaccines to administer to the two patients in the GP’s room.

Scenario 2

A paediatric ward receives a delivery of childhood vaccines. The receptionist takes the box and signs for it, placing it beside her whilst she answers the telephone. The box is then left unattended. You, as the health practitioner, observe that the box is unattended. You identify that the box of vaccines has been unrefrigerated for at least 2 hours.

Sample Solution