Implementing hemodialysis Machine to integrate with EHR system

Business Case Part I
The purpose of this assignment is to begin the development of a formal proposal for implementing a healthcare
informatics project using a business case approach. A business case can be developed using various
components; however, the following components are considered essential:
Needs assessment (gap analysis)
Project goal (SMART goal)
An analysis of organizational readiness for the project (SWOT analysis)
Feasibility of the project (feasibility assessment)
Recommendation based on the results of the business case analyses
This week, you will develop the first components of a business case analysis for your own healthcare project
using a gap analysis to determine the need for the project, a SWOT analysis to assess organizational
readiness, and a SMART goal to delineate the purpose of your project (all document are attached and need to
be completed)
The project can be a hypothetical or real healthcare informatics project at your practicum or work setting.
These analyses will provide important information for preparing a business case proposal for your project. To
develop the goal of the project, analyze the need and determine organizational readiness for the project. Then
complete the following 3 documents that contain instructions for completing the analyses required for this
assignment: (Gap analysis, SWOT analysis and Smart goal)
After you have completed all 3 analyses, write a 5 page paper presenting a proposal and an interpretation of
the results from these analyses. The paper should answer the following questions: ( I want to: Implementing
hemodialysis Machine interface with EHR system
Using CareAware Connect or CareAware DeviceLink) within a hospital system.
What is the existing need for this healthcare informatics project?
What is the goal of the project?
Is the organization in a position to implement an informatics project?

Sample Solution