Important component of developmental psychology

Reading and understanding scholarly research is an important component of developmental psychology and your education. Students will summarize and critique a journal article related to Adolescent Psychology this semester. The article will be selected by the student. The article must come from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal and must relate to adolescent development. The article should describe a research study. If you are unsure if the article that you select is acceptable, please ask me to review your article. Please adhere to the following guidelines and review the attached rubric:

The review should be at least 3 pages.
You do not need a title page. Please put your name and the due date in the top, left-hand corner of the page.
Magazines may not be used. Please use an article from a scholarly journal. You can access scholarly journals through the SAU Magale library web site. When completing your search please make sure that you select that you want full-text articles, so that you will have immediate access to the source.
Besides summarizing the research in the article, you should also provide your critical evaluation of the research.
Some questions that you might consider:
Were the researchers biased?
What would you have done differently?
What knowledge did the research project yield?
What information still needs to be determined?
Were the instruments used valid?
What type of research method was used?
Was the research method used the best one to answer the research question(s)?
Did the researchers write in a style that could be understood by someone who is not in the field?

Sample Solution