Improving the health of the community and protecting their safety through education

Public health is improving the health of the community and protecting their safety through education, making policy and studies for disease prevention and injury. Public health has become a considerable concern worldwide as people die every day as a result of environmental hazards, severe illness and mental diseases. It is essential to be aware of issues plaguing us and take preventive measures to prevent them from harming us (Khan & Ahmad, 2017). The general population worldwide is aware that this issue is the cause of numerous health problems such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and also depression thus it is crucial for it to be highlighted more in health policy.

It is complex public health issues that should be appropriately dealt with starting with schools which must be given quality meal programs and ensure only healthy foods and drinks provided to learners. As part of obesity prevention, numerous firms can assist people in knowing their body mass index, sustaining a healthy weight and integrating physical activity into their lifestyle. I believe this issue should be highlighted more because it is the reason for all other diseases (Fernandes et al., 2019). If a person is educated about good nutrition and adheres to it with physical activity, he/she can achieve a healthy weight that lowers the risks of chronic illness like cancer or heart diseases. Having a healthy weight means there is no obesity, thereby awareness of this issue promote the overall health of the community.

Social media can be used as a promotional tool to create awareness of this public health issue through the use of diet and wellness bloggers, health companies and consistent users of social media. These bloggers post a common topic like health, nutrition and food which educates people on proper nutrition and types of diets they should take to prevent other diseases. Social media can also create awareness through social media operators organically sharing about nutrition, how people are being attacked by food especially the young adults and provide messages sponsored by the industry of food with a profitable interest giving healthy tips about diets. Through platforms, social media can deliver methods and health promotion operations as well as rise publicity to evidence-based health mails (Jane et al., 2018). This help in educating people hence create appropriate awareness to the community. Exercises for body composition and BMI can be offered through programs in television which promote exercise. They can also get recipes and healthy eating tips.

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