Increasing RN to RN reporting/handoff between nursery nurse

  1. Select an issue/problem that you have a professional interest in – Increasing RN to RN reporting/handoff between nursery nurse and nurse assuming care of infant after transition (Nursery nurse cares for newborn from birth to 2 hours of life, sometimes shorter depending on what is happening on the unit; report/handoff should be given to the nurse receiving care of newborn)
  2. Select a QSEN competency that relates to that problem. Example: Safety
  3. Select a health care organization that can help support your issue: Example: The CDC
  4. Develop a global objective: Example: At the completion of this project I will have developed a patient educational tool to present to staff on 3PCT to be distributed to all patients on 3PCT to prevent falls.
  5. Develop at least four project objectives: Example:

a. Research current literature on the prevention of falls and patient educational material content.

b. Seek falls data from ABC Hospital quality department and specifically from the 3PCT.

c. Review data results and evaluate for trends.

d. Develop a patient educational tool on fall prevention.

e. Educate staff on use of the patient educational tool

f. Implement patient educational tool and present to at least ten patients on 3PCT.

  1. Develop possible resources needed to help meet your goals/objectives.

a. Meet with unit manager and seek approval on project implementation.

b. Review the CDC web site for current references and resources on fall prevention.

c. Create patient educational tool, copy and prepare to distribute.

d. Create a timeline to implement the patient educational tool

Sample Solution