Independent music

Using two selections from the additional listenings (not the required listening), answer the following questions: While what it means to make “independent” music has become increasingly complicated over time, the term still carries specific and important connotations which emerging artists continue to call upon. Using two songs, explore the varying stakes involved in claiming music as “independent” (e.g. sound, instrumentation, fashion, politics, institutional affiliations, etc.).

Velvet t Underground – “I’m Waiting For My Man” Nazz – “Open My Eyes” Jobraith – “I’m A Man” David Bowie – “Moonage Daydream” T Rex – “Teenage Dream” The Modern Lovers – “Pablo Picasso” The Dictators – “Teengenerate” Dead Boys – “Sonic Reducer” Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop” Patti Smith – “Land” Television – “Little Johnny Jewel” The Talking Heads – Psycho Killer” Pere Ubu – “Breath” The Miamis – “We Deliver” Wayne County & The Backstreet Boys – “Max’s Kansas City 1976” B-52s – “Rock Lobster” Theoretical Girls – “Computer Dating” Roxy Music – “Ladytron” Gary Glitter – “Rock And Roll Pt. II” Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul” Suzi Quatro – “Can The Can” The Saints – “I’m Stranded” The Lurkers – “Shadow” The Heartbreakers – “Chinese Rocks” The Jam – “Going Underground” The Adverts – “Quickstep” The Clash – “White Riot” Mad