Independent Research Project (IRP)

In the Independent Research Project (IRP), students conduct an analysis project using SAS primarily and
Excel as needed to analyze real-world data. Note: You are required to do a ANOVA Analysis or a Regression
Analysis submit them showing Pr or P values, F values, R-square, B values, Plots, etc. and discuss these
values and what they mean – as needed for the type of analysis you are conducting (ANOVA or Regression).
Homogeneity of Variance of residuals can be assumed so you can proceed with your required analysis. Use
DAX 3 or DAX 4 qnd/or DAX 5 video and Instructions to help conduct your analysis. As in previous DAX
exercises, you must also attach the Summary Descriptive Statistics Table along with the ANOVA Results Table
or Regression Results Table. Example ANOVA or Regression Tables required:
In the first assignment (IRP Research Question and Data Set), you identified the data set you wanted to use,
developed a research question, and identified a statistical question that could be answered analytically.
In this assignment, you will create and submit a business memo (template attached) that clearly communicates
your analysis of the data set you identified in the previous assignment. When you submit this draft of your IRP,
you will get feedback from your classmates and your instructor. You should use this feedback to improve your

Sample Solution