Indigenous judge Murray Sinclair1 and lawyer Jonathan Rudin

In this module, you watched a talk from former Indigenous judge Murray Sinclair1 and lawyer Jonathan Rudin. Sinclair spoke of the ways in which the retributive criminal justice system poses cultural conflicts for Indigenous peoples. These ideas build on other content from earlier in the course. Rudin outlines the principles related to the Gladue decision, which are meant to address issues such as overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian legal system. Using specific examples from these films and the course overall, write an online post containing your response to the following question:

In what ways do the Gladue principles, and the introduction of restorative and Indigenous approaches as an option for police and the courts, either provide or fail to provide a better experience of justice for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples? Please discuss this question in relation to both victims and the people responsible for harm.

1Sinclair was appointed to the Senate in 2016 following his role as chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada.

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