Individual performance appraisals

Individual performance appraisals 1.Part 1 please label parts Conducting effective performance appraisals is a crucial task when managing employees. It has been said that what you ignore, you promote (e.g., if one person’s lateness is ignored and not addressed, then you’re telling everyone it’s ok to be late). Managers should communicate with employees throughout the year to avoid any surprises at an annual performance review. Setting SMART goals with employees is an effective strategy for establishing expectations and providing motivation. Using the job description you created in Week 4, create a performance rating document for an employee in this position. Choose 3 items from your job description to rate. Include in your rating document at least 3 types of evaluations, such as graphic rating scales, ranking methods, goal-based performance, narrative forms, and sections for employee comments, survey, or other ratings strategies. Cite and Reference your research to create your tool. Submit a 1250 to 1500 word APA paper with your rating document. Part 2 discussion Resource: Performance Management Video on®. Click the® Access link in the course Resources folder. Search for the following video: “Human Resources Fundamentals with Wayne Cascio.” Watch the following segment of the video: •”Performance management” under the 2. Human Resources Development section. Post a 200-word message summarizing what you learned from the video and strategies you plan to use or develop for performance management. Part 3 discussion Even though terminating employees is a difficult task for many managers, all managers need to understand the laws relating to termination or workforce reduction. A manager must be prepared with documentation, detailed information in performance plans, and a communication strategy to provide employees with information and support. As a team, choose a scenario in which an employee is being released from employment (downsizing, job performance, misconduct). Prepare a plan for an exit interview along with a 1-page exit interview document containing the information the employee being released will need. Post the team’s documents to share with the class. Part 4 Post a 100-word message explaining: •Why succession planning is important for the organization. •How do you decide who would be a good fit for mentorship and key positions.

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