Industrial revolution

1.Explain the Enlightenment’s challenge of the existing authority – the rule by Kings
2.Explain the causes of the American Revolution
3.Explain the origins of the French Revolution
4.Explain the accomplishments of the French Revolution
5.Explain (at least two) of the Liberation Movements of the 19th Century
6.Analyze the causes of the Industrial Revolution
7.Explain the innovations (at least two) that increased production in the early Industrial Revolution
8.Analyze the results of the Industrial Revolution on the industrializing societies
9.Explain the Industrial Revolution’s impact on politics
10.Explain the impact of Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”
11.Explain (at least two) of the problems the Ottoman Empire during the Tanzimat period
12.Explain Russia’s success at becoming/remaining a world power
13.Analyze the impact of European imperialism on China
14.Explain the cause of the “Opium War”
15.Analyze the Taiping Rebellion
16.Analyze the development of New African states (sub-Saharan, 1750-1870)
17.Explain at least one European take over in North Africa
18.Analyze the British acquisition of India
19.Analyze the abolition of slavery and continuing economic growth
20.Analyze the new technologies and new industries (1850-1900) that affected the world economy
21.Explain the labor movements occurring in the industrializing societies
22.Explain nationalism as a force in European Society

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