Industry Job Research in Nutritionist

Before you step into a new career, conducting industry research is essential. Having a solid base of industry knowledge will help you stand out as a candidate, provide topics to discuss while networking, and increase your confidence as an emerging professional. Industry knowledge will also help you have a good understanding of the professional field you are stepping into and what to expect. While preparing for a job-search, the following topics will be most relevant to gain more information on: Job titles that are relevant and desirable to your experience and goals Relevant industry key words to include on your resume and help communicate your expertise Targeted Employers you are interested in working for What exactly does the company do? What is the company’s history and future outlook? What are the company’s values and mission? Would the company be a good fit for you and your professional goals? Industry information and news gained via Organizational, Industry and Company websites Who are the industry leaders and well-known companies in your field? What qualifications are needed to work in this industry? At a particular company? What is new in the field and what challenges are companies facing? What are the top 3 job titles you plan to search for and why? Who are your top 3 most ideal employers (or Targeted Employers)? How will industry knowledge help you effectively communicate with other professionals in the field?



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