Infection Control-Online Research

Cosmetology 1000 Special Project Chapter 5
Infection Control-Online Research
Research unfortunate salon or spa disasters that occurred when proper sanitation and disinfection procedures were not followed.
Write a 1 to 2 page report describing what took place and the resulting consequences. Include the sanitation and disinfection procedures that should have been taken to prevent disaster.
Your paper is to be typed using a Calibri 11 Font and double spaced.
Create your title, ‘Cosmetology 1000 Special Project Chapter 5’ then create Heading 1, ‘Infection Control-and your name’. Your paper should resemble the top of this instruction sheet.
You have the potential to score 100 on this paper by observing the following grading scale:
• 10 points given for typing 1-2 pages
• 10 points given for double spacing and using 11 inch Calibri font
• 10 points given for proper title
• 10 points given for proper Heading 1
• The three areas to be covered in the paper (description of disaster, resulting consequences, and proper sanitation and disinfection procedures) will be worth 20 points each.
Use your spell check because each misspelled word will be an automatic five point deduction. This project will be monitored by Safe Assign, which checks for plagiarism. This means you cannot copy and paste, or submit an article written word by word from the internet. You must use your own words and writing skills.

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