Information Problems and the Outbreak of War

  1. Contain a clearly stated argument or arguments. 2. Support the argument(s) well with evidence/sources 3. Answer the question asked in the topic 4.Think about it by using the concept of “Game Theory”: Did they use concepts including but not limited to identifying the actors involved, what they are trying to maximize, the tools at their disposal, and their information and beliefs about others in the strategic interaction. Using a simple language answer the following:

Questions: Many people have argued that Saddam Hussein could have been deterred from invading Kuwait had President George H. W. Bush more clearly communicated his willingness to go to war if this happened War, in essence, was the result of an information failure between the two leaders. If you agree with this argument, what could President Bush have done to better signal his intent to go to war if Saddam Hussein invaded? Why didn’t he do this? Please support your argument with available evidence. If you do not agree with this argument, why would Saddam Hussein choose to put himself in a situation where he would have to fight a war against a much stronger opponent (the United States)? If your argument is that Hussein believed he would win the war, please explain why Hussein miscalculated his chances? What information would he have needed to correctly assess the outcome of the war, and why didn’t he have this information? Is there anything President Bush could have done to provide it? Please support your argument with available evidence.




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