Ingredients of conflict

The conflict you write about should be one you have observed or in which you have participated

I. Introduction of conflict explaining observed symptoms (how do you know conflict is happening?)

II. What are the ingredients of the conflict? Draw upon the ingredients of conflict discussed in Weeks, Chapter 3. Additionally, describe the diversity mixtures/tensions that are present as well as the conflict management styles being used.

III. Analyze the conflict in accordance with Deutsh’s typology/types of conflict (real, contingent, misattributed, displaced, latent, false). Additionally, discuss the parties involved. Is the conflict interpersonal/intrapersonal or intergroup/intragroup?

IV. Create a plan for resolution using Weeks 8 Steps.

V. What difference will it make that you took this approach?

VI. What is the importance of vulnerability to the process?

VII. What do you need to do to become a better practitioner of conflict resolution?

Sample Solution