What is the business model for innovation of Dropbox? How can it be improved?
Display the ability to blend the theoretical concepts and frameworks introduced in the course with the ‘real world’ data and knowledge gained from your chosen company ( i.e. can you choose appropriate concepts and frameworks to apply to your company? Have you highlighted the most significant aspects of innovation in your company? Are you able to make recommendations for improvement based on your analysis of the company?)
Provide a holistic picture of your company and its approach to innovation by giving insight into the innovation-based processes/activities of your company (i.e. How does your company create innovation and where does this fit in terms of overall corporate strategy? How does your company manage innovation internally (and externally)? How does your company appropriate and exploit innovation?
Think about the following: What are the key innovation processes and how are they managed? What is the strategy to source, capture and exploit innovation? How does what you find in your company relate to theoretical concepts/frameworks? What can your company do better in terms of innovation?

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