Institutionalization and Corrections

You have been named as a citizen-advocate member of the state’s Mental Health Council. One of the council’s projects is a report on the effects of deinstitutionalization on the state’s criminal justice system. In its opening section, it wants to look at this issue generally. You have been asked to research and report on this subject.
*In a memorandum of approximately 2,400 words, discuss the impact of deinstitutionalization on jails and prisons over the past 35 years.
*How should mental-health issues be addressed in the correctional system?
*What protocols should be put in place to treat and manage these inmates?
Be sure to consider the effects of incarceration on those with mental illness, including the use of administrative segregation, the right to treatment and the right to refuse treatment.
You should rely primarily on the readings and other materials assigned in this module; you will not receive credit without demonstrating that you have read and understood the material assigned. You may include independent sources. All information should be documented in MLA style.

M4 Reading and Preparation

• Read Chapters 7 and 11
Case Brief:
• Bowring v. Godwin (found in a separate page in this module)
• PBS Frontline: Locked Up in America: Solitary Nation, April 22, 2014, approximately 53 minutes in length, captioned. (Warning: This is not easy to watch. If you are squeamish [like me], you may want to just listen)

Sample Solution