Instructional Plan

To actualize your understanding of brain research-based principles along with learner motivation and engagement, it is important to see how each principle connects with that of instructional planning. This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore sample instructional plans with brain research-based principles, stages, and strategies in mind while considering their support of support learner motivation and engagement.


Refer to Chapter 21 in Jensen (2008) and Jensen’s website: Principles of Brain-Based Learning (Links to an external site.).

Read Jensen’s 6 Quick Brain-Based Teaching Strategies (Links to an external site.)

View Big Thinkers: Judy Willis on the Science of Learning (Links to an external site.) video (11:34)

Select one lesson from the model plans listed. Read the entire plan and analyze it with brain research-based principles in mind. Be sure to read each section of the plan you selected, paying attention to expand the content as directed within each section.

First Grade, ELA: Frog and Toad Are Friends — Spring (Links to an external site.)
Ninth Grade, Writing: Eating Bugs! Developing Arguments and Finding Supporting Evidence (Links to an external site.)
Third Grade, Math: Each Orange Had 8 Slices (Links to an external site.)
High School Biology: DNA: The Double Helix (Structure & Function Coloring Activity) (Links to an external site.)
Review the Instructional Plan Analysis sample assignment as a guide.

Content Instructions
Construct a formal essay that follows the Content and Writing Instructions below:

Plan Summary: In a single paragraph, identify the plan evaluated and summarize it.
Brain-based Principles and Strategies: For the chosen plan, analyze which brain-based principles and strategies are represented and provide at least one example for each principle and strategy observed to show how.
Recommendations: Make a recommendation as to what principle(s) and strategies could be added or expanded upon to enhance the plan and ultimately, more effectively reach all learners.
Motivation and Engagement: Describe aspects of the lesson that are likely to motivate and engage learners.

Sample Solution