Internal Marketing;Introduction and Alignment

How do an organization’s employees best understand its marketing messages? If employees are well versed in their company’s marketing message, which includes a customer orientation, that company likely has an effective internal marketing program. Kotler and Keller (2016) state “Internal marketing emphasizes that satisfying customers is the responsibility of all employees.” (p. 281). Reread the Internal Marketing section of Chapter 18 for the full definition.
Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
• Recommend strategies to strengthen internal marketing within an organization.
Background Information
Employee engagement in the organization’s marketing goals is critical for it to be effective in reaching its target market. Employee engagement, or lack of engagement in some cases, can influence how much value a customer perceives in a product or service. Think about a bad experience you may have had with a cashier or server at a fast food restaurant.

  1. Read Chapter 4 and reread the Internal Marketing section in Chapter 18 in your textbook.
  2. Identify and review a research article which discusses an internal marketing mishap.
  3. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
    a. In two – three sentences, state the internal marketing mishap discussed in the research article and include a link to the article in your discussion post. Defend your answer with a detailed evaluation using clear and insightful critical thinking.
    b. Why is internal marketing so important to building the Customer Perceived Value (CPV) (discussed in Chapter 4 of the textbook) for the products or services in the organization where you work? Defend your answer with a detailed evaluation using clear and insightful critical thinking.
    c. Recommend at least two strategies for the organization where you work that will strengthen its internal marketing. Why are these the most effective strategies? Defend your answer with a detailed evaluation that is clear and insightful.
  4. Your initial post should be 200 to 300 words in length, include two academic sources that are properly cited according to APA style, and is due by the end of the fourth day of the workshop.

Sample Solution