International Organizations

Why was Canada so eager to help set up international
organizations right after the war?

This is a mini-essay (2 pages, must be 500 words exact, not including references).
Read the Episode 1, Bibliography which my professor talks about everything that we can include in the essay.
Political Science Style Guide:
Essays written for this class follow the Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) Editorial Style Guidelines.
For a detailed description of the guidelines go to
If any at all, manuscripts should contain only brief and necessary explanatory endnotes listed as “Endnotes”
following the text and preceding the list of references.
Can use these references suggested by the professor:

  1. Chapnick, Adam. “The Golden Age: A Canadian Foreign Policy Paradox.” International Journal, 64. 1
    (2008): 205–221.
  2. Winston Churchill. The Sinews of Peace (‘Iron Curtain Speech’)
    March 5, 1946
    Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri
  3. Mackenzie, Hector. “Shades of Gray? The Foundations of Canadian Policy in World Affairs in Context.”
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  4. Reid, Escott. “The Birth of the North Atlantic Alliance.” International Journal 22.3 (1967): 426-440.
  5. Spencer, Robert A. “Triangle into Treaty: Canada and the Origins of NATO.” International Journal, 14. 2
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