International trade

In a recent Forbes article, author Ken Roberts comments the following regarding international trade data from 2017.

“In the last quarter-century, U.S. exports have grown from $448.16 billion to $1.55 trillion…In that time, the United States has gone from having 86 export categories valued at more than $1 billion in value to having 248 above $1 billion, the final tally for 2017. We have gone from having six of the roughly 1,265 export categories above $10 billion in 1993 to 22 today.”

In this threaded discussion, complete the following
1) Discuss the economic theory related to the quote above. Be sure to include a definition of exports and the way in which we count exports in the measurement of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) within your discussion.
2) Locate and incorporate outside research that gives evidence and explanation as to the possible causes of this growth in exports. Provide an example of one particular industry or country with which export quantity has increased.
3) – Integrate biblical insights into your discussion board thread. In what way does scripture influence our attitudes and actions in international trade?

Sample Solution