Interpersonal Communication

Find a famous speech that you can watch and reflect on YouTube and write a well-structured essay (min. 4
paragraphs, MLA style) answering the following questions:
Who is the presenter of the speech?
What is the speech about?
What about the speaker made the speech so exceptional?
What made the speech exceptional because of the speech’s content?
What made the speech exceptional because of the way that the speaker delivered their
How might you incorporate what you learned from that speaker to make it your own?
o In other words, which trait(s) of the speaker would you want to use in your style of speaking and how
challenging would that be for you?
If you could give feedback to the presenter (positive or negative), what would you want him/her to know?
How could he/she improve to become a better speaker, OR what good qualities that he/she already
demonstrates to have should he/she continue to do?
Resource Requirement:
Cite the speech that watched in a Works Cited Page Suggested Speeches :
Maya Angelou – “1992 Commencement Address at Spelman College”
Winston Churchill – “We Shall Never Surrender”
Bill Clinton – “Election 2012: DNC Speech”
Hillary Clinton – “ Remarks to the Fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing, China”
Al Gore – “Averting the Climate Crisis”
John F. Kennedy – “ Inaugural Address ‘Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You’”
Robert F. Kennedy – “Martin Luther King Junior’s Assassination Speech”
Malcolm X – “A Black Man’s History”
Richard Nixon – “Resignation Address”
Barrack Obama – “2004 Keynote DNC Speech”
Sarah Palin – “2008: Accepting the V.P. Nomination at the RNC”
Ronald Reagan – “’ Tear Down This Wall’ Address at the Berlin Wall”
Sheryl Sandberg – “Ted Talk: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”
Maysoon Zayid – “I Got 99 Problems – Palsy is Just One”

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