Interview of Jill Taylor talking about her stroke

Listen to the interview of Jill Taylor talking about her stroke. Then answer these questions. Answer in complete sentences. Each answer must have a source, not what you think.

  1. List the symptoms Jill experienced before she called for help.
  2. Use a map of brain centers to explain why Dr. Taylor had trouble calling her office number.
  3. Explain what a stroke is. Include the two types.
  4. From the symptoms described in the article, would a neurologist have known that this was a left brain event? Explain your answer.
  5. Describe what the blood-brain barrier is. Name 2 things that can cross the blood brain barrier.
  6. For heart attacks, recommended first aid is to give the patient an aspirin. Would this have been good first aid for Jill? Think about this carefully. Read your answer to #3.
  7. Dr. Taylor is very lucky because she received help within the optimal time limit. Explain why rapid treatment is vital.
  8. Explain what a shunt would be used for in case of a stroke.
  9. Did Dr. Taylor do anything to cause her stroke?
  10. Name 4 ways a non-neuroscience person could recognize a stroke.

Sample Solution