Interviewing a provider of a counselling service for children and adolescents

Students are to interview a provider of a counselling service for children and/or adolescents.
From this interview, you are to submit a report detailing the following;
Overview of the treatment service.
Treating population.
Typical presenting issues.
Treatment approaches used within the service.
Discussion of the treatment approaches used within the service, linking this to relevant theoretical models and appropriate references.
Note: This service provider can be a counsellor, psychologist, youth worker, chaplin, or other welfare provider, but needs to have its focus on addressing the mental health of young people.
If the service provider uses multiple treatment approaches (i.e. solution focused AND CBT, it is acceptable to discuss one of these in your discussion of theoretical models.
Assessment criteria:
A satisfactory completion of assignment requires:
An overview of the treatment service, including the structure, treatment populations, typical presenting issues, and treatment approaches used
A discussion of at least one of the treatment approaches used in the context of relevant research evidence.

Sample Solution